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Italian Labour Force Survey – July (2013)


The Italian Labour Force Survey is the most important survey about the labour situation in Italy. The main topic of this survey is the employment condition (professions, kind of working activity, job […]


Eurobarometer 79.1: E-Communications and corruption

European Commission

The Eurobarometer survey is designed to provide regular monitoring of public social and political attitudes in the EU through specific trend questions. Therefore, the general aim of EB is to […]


European Labour Force Survey (2012)


The European Union Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS) is conducted in the 28 Member States of the European Union, 2 candidate countries and 3 countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The EU-LFS […]

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News from the archive – March 2014


In March 2014 ADPSS-Sociodata archive has updated the following surveys: Eurobarometer 75.2: Economic Crisis, Volunteer Work, the Environment and Social Services (European Commission, 2011) - Data and metadata edition updated Eurobarometer 75.3: […]